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How To Choose A Law Firm For Your Trucking Accident Case

Many personal injury attorneys put out their shingles in search of high-dollar truck accident cases. But, how many of them truly understand what’s behind truck driving norms – and errors? Lawyers typically study laws and focus on legal analysis when preparing to bring cases before claims adjusters, negotiators, judges and juries. They may partner with trucking industry experts and rely heavily on those outsiders’ descriptions of technical information as they build cases on behalf of clients who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones in truck accidents.

At Theodoros & Rooth, in contrast, you will find a trial lawyer with firsthand trucking knowledge collaborating with an entire litigation team with well-honed legal skills and a strong track record. Our attorneys have a reputation for caring and a legacy built on results in Indiana and Illinois since 1988.

What Happens When A Plaintiffs’ Lawyer Trains Inside a Semi Truck?

Attorney Kelly Sheets has been inside the semi-truck cab to gain a first-hand perspective that will take your case to the next level. Attorney Sheets spent two days in Montana training with trucking industry leaders to get hands-on experience in the following:

  • Operating a semi-truck with a flat bed, tanker and enclosed trailer. Yes, she learned to drive the truck!
  • Hazards to other drivers when trucks are stopped on the side of the road
  • Steering the enormous wheels in all the directions that trucks need to go in traffic as well as in loading and unloading situations
  • Securing the load before taking off
  • Shifting the gears, backing up with precision and operating the brakes

As a result of her in-depth training in truck driving skills, attorney Sheets can talk the talk of truck drivers, their employers and their defense attorneys. She saw for herself how many details there are for a trucker to pay attention to while operating an 18-wheeler. She and our other personal injury attorneys can evaluate truck accident reconstruction reports with keen insights.

Find Out What Our Dedication To Advocacy Preparedness Can Mean For Your Truck Accident Case

The opportunity given to attorney Sheets to undertake truck driving training underscores the culture of commitment to excellence that Theodoros & Rooth stands for. To enhance our fundamental investigation, negotiating and courtroom experience, our team is willing to go the extra mile to ensure strong representation for clients injured in truck accidents and other circumstances.

Get a more personalized idea of what the firm’s cutting edge can mean for your case. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 219-733-8633 or send an email inquiry.