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Holding Surgeons Responsible For Unnecessary Sinus Operations

A surgeon might have told you that you needed sinus surgery and promised you that recovery would be easy. Instead, you suffered serious complications that reduced your quality of life. Later, another doctor told you that you never needed the operation in the first place.

What can you do about this mistreatment? At Theodoros & Rooth, P.C., we are here to help you pursue compensation against the doctor who deceived or pressured you into undergoing unnecessary ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery. Our team of personal injury attorneys has represented victims of medical malpractice in northwest Indiana since 1988.

We Handle Cases Both Large And Small

Our clients include victims of some of the highest-profile malpractice cases in Indiana history. This includes the infamous “runaway doctor,” Mark Weinberger, who repeatedly performed unnecessary sinus surgeries on hundreds of patients, overbilled their insurance companies and later fled the country for five years. One of our lawyers, Barry Rooth, represented 289 of Weinberger’s former patients in litigation against him. The lawsuit ended with a settlement of $55 million. This case was covered by Vanity Fair and the Times of Northwest Indiana.

Pursuing Compensation And Justice

We work with doctors and other experts to prepare for medical malpractice litigation. You deserve fair compensation for the harm you have suffered, including any further operations and other medical treatment you have needed to undo the damage that the negligent surgeon did to you. Our experience and strong reputation as malpractice lawyers give you the best possible chance of getting compensated for these costs, your pain and suffering, and more.

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