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Did A Surgeon Perform Unnecessary Spinal Surgery On You?

Spinal surgery is very invasive and can cause lifelong harm if one tiny detail goes wrong. Surgeons should recommend spinal surgery only if it is necessary for a patient’s health. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous doctors perform surgery unnecessarily so they can earn more revenue.

If you believe that your surgeon operated on your spine when you did not need it, you should speak with us at Theodoros & Rooth, P.C. Since 1988, we have helped people throughout Indiana who survived serious injuries or who lost loved ones to serious injuries. As an experienced medical malpractice team, we understand exactly what it takes to demonstrate your claim, recover compensation and hold the perpetrator accountable for their actions.

What To Know About Unnecessary Spinal Surgery

Spinal surgeries are some of the most profitable procedures for hospitals. According to a 2021 report from Johns Hopkins Medicine, fewer than 5% of people who have back pain are candidates for spine operations. However, this does not prevent some surgeons and hospitals from pressuring their patients to go under the knife – even if not necessary. The risks are high; you could even end up with back pain that you did not experience before the procedure.

We Are Not Afraid To Take On Powerful Surgeons And Corporations

An example of a high-profile case we are currently handling involves an Indiana surgeon authorities refer to as “Dr. A.” He received millions of dollars in kickbacks from a medical device company to perform unnecessary operations on patients’ spines so he could install the company’s products. This is an egregious example of a health care professional putting profits before patients. We devote our practice to stopping dangerous doctors and companies like these and making sure their medical negligence does not harm anyone else.

Hold Your Negligent Surgeon Accountable – Get A Free Consult

If you suspect that your surgeon performed a surgery that you did not need, contact us to discuss it. We can evaluate your circumstances and determine whether you have an actionable claim. To request a free initial consultation with us, please call 219-733-8633 or send us an email.