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Have you experienced retaliation or civil injustices after acting as a whistleblower at work? Theodoros & Rooth, P.C., believes you deserve both legal protections and avenues to pursue compensation for the unacceptable treatment or threats you have endured. Our Merrillville whistleblower lawyers can help you understand and use your rights and legal options as a whistleblower in Indiana, which could include being awarded a settlement for your troubles and losses.

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What Is A Whistleblower?

A whistleblower is a person who reports the wrongdoing or criminal actions of another party. In most contexts, whistleblowers are employees who uncover some sort of wrongdoing carried out by their employers, which they then report to the proper authorities. For example, a construction worker who notices multiple OSHA violations around their workplace will be a whistleblower if they tell OSHA about the hazards instead of just their supervisor. The whistleblower cases we focus on here at Theodoros & Rooth, P.C., involve workers who spoke up about wrongdoing or criminal activity but were then penalized for it. Retaliating against an employee for whistleblowing is unlawful, yet it happens all the time. Dishonest employers may try to penalize a whistleblower by:

  • Firing them
  • Lowering their wages or hours
  • Removing employment benefits
  • Isolating them from colleagues

If you were penalized by your employer after acting as a whistleblower, then you might be entitled to file a whistleblower lawsuit against them. Depending on the details of your lawsuit, it could end with your employer paying you a settlement. These cases frequently make the news and involved millions of dollars.

In one case our firm is involved in, a northwest Indiana spinal surgeon is accused of accepting kickbacks in exchange for using a medical device company.

Can Whistleblowers Be Prosecuted?

The law protects whistleblowers from undue retaliation from their employers or any party that they informed against. It does not guarantee protection from criminal prosecution if the whistleblower admits to having also participated in an illegal action for their employer or while employed. Although, it is rare for a whistleblower to be prosecuted because the government does not want to discourage future whistleblowers from taking action and reporting wrongdoings.

What Is A Qui Tam Lawsuit?

A whistleblower lawsuit involving a company or person that defrauded the government is officially called a qui tam lawsuit. The whistleblower informs the defrauded government entity of the wrongdoing or crime, and the government takes action against the offender, such as starting an investigation and bringing criminal charges against them. If the government is able to recover stolen or defrauded funds, then the whistleblower in the qui tam lawsuit stands to be financially rewarded for it. Under the False Claims Act, the whistleblower can be paid:

  • Between 15% to 30% of the amount recovered; or
  • An award of several thousand dollars, whichever is greater

Find Out How A Whistleblower Lawsuit Works

Whistleblower lawsuits are not exactly straightforward legal situations. If you need to file one in Indiana, then we recommend calling our Merrillville whistleblower attorneys at your next opportunity. We proudly stand by the people in our communities who work diligently each day to earn an honest living. When an employer interferes with their well-being because they spoke up about something wrong, we won’t stand for it!

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