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Hold Heart Doctors Accountable For Unnecessary Pacemakers

Heart surgeons and cardiologists are responsible for what is possibly the most important organ in your body. While most of these specialists care about their patients’ well-being, others care more about lining their own pockets. This prompts some professionals to recommend or perform unnecessary pacemaker implantations.

At Theodoros & Rooth, P.C., in Merrillville, we have met far too many clients who have pacemakers in their bodies when they did not need them. They underwent life-threatening surgery just so their surgeons or cardiologists could make some extra money from the procedure. If this happened to you, we want to help you recover the compensation you deserve for their medical malpractice.

The Harmful Effects Of Unneeded Pacemakers

Although pacemakers can save the lives of patients who need them, patients who do not can suffer devastating consequences if they have one implanted unnecessarily. Some of these include:

  • Blood clots
  • Infection
  • Visible scarification
  • Air leaks
  • Heart damage
  • Twiddler’s syndrome
  • Pacemaker malfunctions

In addition to giving you expensive medical bills, the consequences of these fraudulent heart operations can lower your quality of life and can reduce your earning potential. In extreme cases, they can even cause death.

Why Work With Us?

Since 1988, our team has earned a reputation throughout Indiana for delivering results in a broad range of cases involving unnecessary surgical procedures. We have more than 110 combined years of experience handling malpractice cases, including a class-action suit in which we recovered a $66.5 million settlement against the negligent heart doctors and hospital. The case was covered by several major publications including The New York TimesCardiovascular BusinessThe Indiana LawyerIndiana Business Journal and The Times of Northwest Indiana.

Medical negligence is also notoriously difficult to prove. Your physician, the hospital and their insurance providers will have powerful lawyers on their side. Choose us so you will have a powerful team, too.

Ask Us About Your Pacemaker

Do you suspect that your surgeon or cardiologist implanted a pacemaker when you could have had a more conservative route of treatment? Speak with us to learn about your options. We provide free initial consultations. To schedule yours, please call 219-733-8633 or send us an email.