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What is the Hospital Asking Me to Sign?

Whether you’re at the hospital for a checkup or you need to undergo a full surgical procedure, there’s often a lot of paperwork involved regarding your care. Patient consent forms are common in any medical facility, but it’s vital for you to fully understand what you’re signing.

All too often, hospitals hand you these papers and they expect you to just sign them, sometimes, right before your surgery or procedure. Unfortunately, waivers and patient consent forms are more complicated than you may think, but you should know your rights, so you don’t find yourself in a difficult situation.

Your Rights

When you receive medical treatment or surgery, you have various rights. First, you have to right to receive ALL information that you need to make an informed decision about whether to have the suggested treatment, surgery, etc. Importantly, you do not lose your right to take legal action for malpractice if you sign patient consent forms. In other words, YOU ARE NOT CONSENTING TO NEGLIGENT TREATMENT.

Without your signature on the consent forms, doctors cannot perform a medical procedure unless it is an emergency. Even if you do sign the papers and consent to a medical procedure, you still have the right to ask any and all questions you may have so that you feel comfortable about what comes next.

When You Give Consent

When you give consent, you’re essentially allowing the hospital and doctor to perform specific procedures, tests, and surgeries. However, you have the final say in any decisions made regarding your healthcare, even if you need to pursue a second opinion.

Know that waivers exist to provide certain protections to hospitals and doctors in the event of unforeseen errors or potential malpractice. Before signing any papers, make sure you read through everything thoroughly, and if needed, consult a medical professional regarding your rights.

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