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Most dangerous car models in a car accident

In today’s world, staying safe on the road is a hot topic. Even with all the advancements in car safety, some car models are riskier because of their designs.

Knowing which cars might be more dangerous in crashes may help people who seek fair compensation after an accident.

Small cars

Small cars might be great for saving gas, but they are not always the safest option. When these cars crash into bigger vehicles or objects, they absorb less impact force compared to their larger counterparts. This means people inside the car are at a higher risk of sustaining serious injuries.

Subcompact SUVs

People might think SUVs are better, but that is not always true for certain models. Subcompact SUVs can be similar to small cars, which means they might not keep people as safe in vehicle accidents. Their elevated center of gravity can increase the risk of rollovers, further exacerbating the dangers associated with this vehicle type.

Sports cars

Drivers frequently love sports cars for their speed, but these vehicles can be risky in accidents. Sports cars, with their lack of protective structure, leave passengers and drivers vulnerable to the forces happening during high-speed collisions.

Compact pickup trucks

Pickup trucks are popular for their strength and versatility, but the smaller ones might not be as safe as they seem. These compact pickups often do not have the same safety features as bigger trucks. Since they sit higher off the ground, they are also more likely to flip over.

Car companies spend significant time and money working to make cars safer. However, accidents in these vehicles may still lead to issues like spinal cord trauma, long-lasting PTSD and paralysis.