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What riders need to know about Indiana motorcycle crashes

Motorcycles are fun and efficient forms of transportation. They allow someone to move quickly through traffic and cost far less to operate than larger motor vehicles. However, their size also means that they provide minimal protection in the event of a collision.

Motorcycle riders have more safety training and often make a point of carefully following traffic laws. Still, motorcycles need to have a realistic understanding of what might happen if they intend to protect themselves. What do motorcycle riders need to know about the risk of a crash with a larger vehicle?

Drivers are often at fault for collisions

Those in larger vehicles often focus less on safety than those who recognize that they are vulnerable, such as motorcycle riders. Frequently, drivers cause motorcycle crashes because of distraction, chemical intoxication or a failure to monitor their surroundings in traffic. Motorcycle riders may need to be very cautious when out in traffic to minimize their chances of getting hurt due to someone else’s mistakes.

Insurance coverage may not be adequate

Drivers in Indiana have to carry liability insurance. That coverage pays for the costs when the policyholder is at fault for a wreck. Unfortunately, it is common practice for people to focus more on the cost of coverage than on the protection it provides.

Many Indiana drivers only carry the coverage mandated by the state. An injured motorcycle rider might have just $30,000 worth of bodily injury liability coverage to pay for their treatment and replace their lost wages. Often, motorcycle riders injured in a crash may have to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recoup their losses following a collision.

Social bias may affect someone’s options

During the investigation into a motorcycle crash, motorcycle riders may find that police officers and others are more likely to take the other motorist at their word and be more skeptical about claims made by the motorcycle rider. Social bias can affect the investigation process after a crash and can also impact insurance claims.

It can be difficult for an injured motorcycle rider to get the support that they need after a collision. Knowing what to expect after a motorcycle collision may help people better respond if they ever experience one.