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Car accidents can lead to different kinds of head injuries

Car accidents happen every day. Some are minor fender benders and others are head-on collisions.

No matter how serious a car accident appears to be at a glance, crash victims may suffer head injuries as a result of the traumatic impact they’ve experienced. These are some of the more common head injuries that result from car accidents.


Whiplash happens when the head is shaken after a blow, hit or strike. The neck and back muscles and the spine can experience tension and strain from the injury. As a result, the victim may feel disoriented, fatigued and confused.


A concussion is also caused by the head suffering from a hit. However, a concussion occurs when the brain rattles around the skull, hitting the inner walls and releasing chemicals. The victim may feel confused, experience memory loss and sensory impairment and, in some cases, fall unconscious.

Brain bleeding

Much like getting a bruise on a leg or arm, the brain can suffer a bruise. However, brain wounds are especially dangerous because a brain bruise can swell – putting pressure on the skull – and bleed. Ruptured blood vessels can bleed into the brain tissue and damage brain cells.

Skull fracture

A car accident may be so severe that the skull becomes fractured. Some fractures are more serious than others. A mild brain fracture may depress the skull and put pressure on the brain. While a compound skull fracture may expose the brain and cause bone fragments to enter its tissue.

Brain penetration

Brain penetration is a deadly injury and often results in a minimal chance of survival. Brain penetration can occur following a skull fracture or, for example, a car part may pierce the skull and enter the brain. People who survive brain penetration often suffer from permanent disabilities and neurological impairment.

Victims of car accidents may have to undergo medical treatment, surgery and therapy. Medical costs can quickly result in crushing medical debt. To combat the risk of medical debt and the consequences of other injury-related financial losses, victims may need to learn how to seek compensation with the assistance of an experienced professional.