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Why is I-65 so dangerous?

Generally speaking, driving on the interstate can actually be safer than driving on a rural road or in a city, simply because the interstate’s design usually keeps all the traffic flowing in the same direction, at roughly the same speeds.

Accident scene on I-65 in Indiana
35-year-old construction worker killed in this location on I-65

However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and Interstate 65 (I-65) is one of them. For years, I-65 has been one of the state’s busiest highways, and it has also routinely turned up on lists of the deadliest roads in the nation. It’s definitely the deadliest in Indiana, especially for truck accidents.

What causes all the wrecks on this roadway?

Essentially, it comes down to both the highway’s frequency of use and its design. Over the last several years, the online shopping industry has exploded, and that’s led to more and more semis on the road in the first place. The increased congestion makes the possibility of a mistake that causes a wreck to escalate.

Efforts to maintain the highway and expand the lanes in certain areas over the years have also contributed to both road congestion and driver confusion. A trucker who has even mildly fatigued or slightly distracted may not realize that a familiar part of the road has suddenly changed due to construction, and they may not react in time to avoid a wreck.

The highway’s very shape may also lead to some crashes. Some areas of 1-65 rise and turn with the land around, and that creates areas of limited visibility. A trucker who is anxiously moving along and trying to meet a delivery deadline may not see traffic that’s slowed down ahead or a vehicle that’s stopped before it’s too late.

Finally, you have the issue of wrong-way crashes. Because I-65 is a major trucking route that’s constantly being expanded and updated, it gets a lot of drivers who are unfamiliar with the area (or the most recent changes to the road), and that can lead to confusion where someone mistakes an exit ramp for an on-ramp and ends up traveling the wrong way down the road.

Whatever the cause, if you were injured in a wreck on I-65 or your loved one was killed, you have a right to fair compensation. Finding out more can help you make strategic choices.