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3 tips for safe driving during the summer months

When compared with the sometimes rough conditions of the Indiana roads in the winter, the summer may seem like a very safe time to be out on the road. Drivers understand that there are unique seasonal hazards in the colder months and also the transitional seasons, but they tend to overlook the big risks that crop up during the summer.

Taking a moment to remind yourself of the common seasonal risk you face when driving during the warmest and brightest months of the year can help you minimize the chances of a major motor vehicle collision.

Pay close attention to younger drivers

The summer months are a time when teen drivers are out on the road in full force. They don’t have school limiting their schedules, and they may also have social opportunities that lead to alcohol consumption.

Researchers acknowledge that the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are among the most dangerous in terms of teen drivers getting into collisions. Unsafe teen drivers can easily cause collisions that affect other people on the road as well.

Respect the power of the sun

Sunglasses are honestly necessary most times of day year-round in Indiana. Only those who have never experienced the blinding power of glare off of the snow think that sunglasses are a summer accessory.

Sunglasses are very important during the summer months, as the intense sunlight could lead to you making a mistake at the wheel.

Don’t let socialization lead to more risks

The summer months are full of BBQs and parties. Whether you are on your way to a family gathering or headed home after a company beach party, your socialization could increase your risk. Texting to verify directions or provide an estimated time of arrival for your host could be a dangerous and deadly form of distraction.

Driving home after social events could be equally dangerous, as the alcohol you enjoyed could affect your driving ability. Drunk driving crash risk tends to spike around the major holidays in the summer, which means that you need to be extra careful with your own driving practices and while monitoring others in traffic.

Making safety your first priority will help you limit your risk of a motor vehicle collision any season of the year and strengthen your case for compensation after a wreck caused by another driver with less responsible practices.