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3 common causes of serious truck accidents

Trucking accidents don’t have to happen, but because of distractions, equipment failure and other errors, they do each and every day. Unfortunately, since trucks are large and heavy, they can easily cause significant damage in a crash. People can be badly hurt or killed because of getting into a crash with a semi.

There are many causes of truck crashes, but some of the most common include the following.

Driving errors

Driving errors are among the most common causes of crashes. Errors could include anything from not braking soon enough to speeding in unsafe conditions.

Drivers are trained well before getting their commercial drivers’ licenses. If they are negligent when driving or are acting recklessly, then they should be held accountable when they cause a collision.

Equipment failure

Truck drivers need to make sure that their vehicles are always maintained well. When their vehicles don’t have maintenance performed on them regularly or are allowed to fall into disrepair, everyone is put at risk.

Drivers should always check their tires for good tread, make sure loads are adequately secured and be sure that their vehicles are in good condition to drive. If an equipment failure occurs, a victim may be able to pursue compensation from the driver, mechanics who worked on the vehicle, the manufacturer, the driver’s employer or others.


Finally, one of the last common causes of crashes is distractions. Distractions take many forms including talking on a phone, changing the radio station, eating behind the wheel, texting and more.

If a truck driver is distracted, they may not see hazards ahead of them. They may drift out of their lane or go off the roadway. They may overcorrect to regain control, and this could lead to a jackknife.

You have rights if you were involved in a crash

If you were injured in a truck crash, you have a right to look into seeking compensation. Truck drivers have a responsibility to drive safely. If they did not, then they, as well as their employers, may be held liable for any injuries to those involved in the crash.