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Most Dangerous Indiana Highways

Unfortunately, the winter weather presents a lot of extra dangers on the road, such as heavy traffic, big trucks, slippery roads, reduced visibility, people in a rush, speeding, texting and driving, and of course, people driving under the influence.

At Theodoros & Rooth we have seen far too many accidents caused by simple irresponsible operators of motor vehicles.

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, as we all know.  But we recently compiled a list of the most dangerous Indiana highways.

From Chicago to Evansville, U.S. 41 runs 300 miles and is the deadliest road in Indiana. It is also the 25th deadliest road in the United States.  Indiana saw 111 deaths on the road between 2008 and 2017.  The average is about 10 deaths a year.  Law enforcement officials have said this is due to large volumes of traffic and many intersections along Highway 41.

The following Indiana highways are also considered among the most dangerous, according to  according to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).

Interstate 65 in northwest Indiana is the 12th deadliest highway per driver mile in Indiana.

Interstate 70 branches along a nearly 60-mile stretch of road between the Illinois state line and the Hendricks County line. This part of the interstate has seen more than 500 crashes and several fatalities in the past few years.

Highway 60 (also known as “Death Row”) is also one of the deadliest highways in Indiana. A high number of fatalities have occurred on this 60-mile roadway.

The stretch of I-90 in northern Indiana coming around Chicago and into Indiana is another location of many serious collisions and deaths.  Traffic is heavy with many big trucks and it features many exits and entrances to other interstate roads.

More than a million vehicles travel over Interstate 80/94 (known as the Borman Expressway) in Indiana each day. It is one of the region’s deadliest roads, claiming 71 lives on the Lake County stretch and another 19 in Porter County during the past dozen or so years.

The team of attorneys at Theodoros & Rooth have well over a century of combined experience representing injured victims in all types of vehicular accidents, including those involving big trucks.  If you have a case involving a serious injury or death due to a driver or a vehicle that should not have been on the road in the first place, Theodoros & Rooth will represent you aggressively to obtain compensation that will help with the achievement of justice.  All consultations are free and there is never a charge to you until we successfully resolve your case.

Sources include the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Indiana State Police and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)