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Indiana Move Over Law – 20th Anniversary of Legislation

Indiana’s Governor is reminding motorists to move over or slow down while passing emergency vehicles stopped alongside the road.

The Indiana Department of Transportation says all workers on the road deserve attentive and cautious drivers. Indiana became the first state in the nation to pass a law requiring motorists to move to an adjacent lane or slow down by 10 mph below the posted speed limit if unable to safely change lanes while passing emergency vehicles stopped alongside the road.

Motorists who violate the law can be fined and have their license suspended for up to two years if the driver causes damage to emergency equipment. Causing injury or death of an emergency worker can result in a prison sentence.

The law was passed in 1999 after Indiana State Police Trooper Andrew Winzenread was killed while helping a stranded motorist in Dearborn County. Now, every state except Hawaii has some sort of move over law.

Indiana’s governor recently marked the 20th anniversary of the legislation’s passage.

The Indiana Department of Transportation said people should look well ahead and watch for these vehicles:

  • Police vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Fire trucks and rescue equipment
  • Incident-response vehicles such as Hoosier Helpers
  • Highway maintenance vehicles
  • Utility service vehicles
  • Vehicle recovery equipment such as tow trucks
  • Garbage trucks

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Information courtesy FOX 59 News, Indiana Department of Transportation