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Been in an Accident? What Should You Do?

Your friends at Theodoros & Rooth have generations of experience handling truck accidents, motor vehicle and motorcycle collisions, and vehicle v. pedestrian accidents. When someone else is at fault, we will fight for justice to ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

Prior to our involvement, there are several tips we can provide that will protect your interests, as shown below.

Check on all drivers and passengers

Make sure everyone is OK, before doing anything else. Don’t move anyone who appears to be seriously injured unless absolutely necessary, such as a fire, potential for an explosion, or risk of imminent death.

Call 9-1-1 immediately                                                                                                          

Whenever there has been an accident involving a vehicle, you should call 9-1-1 immediately.  When there are serious injuries or major damage to property as a result of the collision, you should also request ambulance assistance.

Don’t admit anything

Even if you think you were at fault, don’t say anything. You might be admitting guilt and assume liability when all of the facts are not yet clear. Let authorities determine the cause of the crash after hearing both sides.

Gather information

Ask for phone numbers, names, addresses, license plate numbers and insurance information from everyone involved, including the passengers. Try to remain calm and don’t let any anger get in the way. If there are witnesses, be sure to write down their name, phone number, and address. Ask them if they saw the accident and record their comments in detail.  Obtain a copy of the official police report once it has been completed.

Take photos or video

It’s important to take pictures of the accident scene, including photos of your own vehicle. This will help your insurance company in estimating the damage amount to your vehicle. It could also be vital if your case ends up in court. If you have a smart phone with video capability, all the better.

Don’t go anywhere

You don’t want to become a hit and run driver. Stay at the scene of the collision until authorities tell you it’s OK for you to leave.

Call your insurance carrier

That’s why you should carry that card with your insurance information in your wallet or in your glove compartment. Tell them the facts about the accident. Get them a copy of any report from the police that may have been filed. They will also guide you in getting a proper estimate to have your vehicle repaired.

DO NOT talk to any other insurance company

Following the collision, the at fault driver’s insurance company will likely contact you.  You should never speak with them until you have contacted an attorney.  If you do speak with the other insurance company after the collision, DO NOT accept any settlement offer. Many insurance companies are anxious to settle and will offer an extremely low amount to resolve your case, especially if there are injuries and it appears that the accident was the fault of their client.

Talk to Us Right Away

Contact us at Theodoros & Rooth first. The sooner the better. We will investigate your accident and determine if you have a case that could lead to fair compensation for any injuries or property damage if the other party was responsible.

Keep records

Maintain copies of all of your medical treatment records from doctors and hospitals. Plus, receipts for any medications or prescriptions. All of this can possibly be reimbursed. Theodoros & Rooth can further advise you on this.

Let Theodoros & Rooth Do the Rest

If you were a victim of any kind of car accident that was caused by the negligence of others, email or call us for a free consultation.

Our team at Theodoros & Rooth will listen to you carefully and determine if we think you have a case. There are no fees for personal injury cases unless we obtain a settlement or judgement for you.