Surgical Errors

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Doctors have a duty to perform surgery with the utmost care, yet two of the top three errors reported to the Indiana Department of Health in 2009 were directly related to mistakes that could have been prevented had healthcare professionals done their jobs properly. Minor lapses in judgment on their part can result in serious harm to those who trust their lives to surgeons. Our law firm is here to help clients who are victims of surgical errors.

Theodoros & Rooth, P.C. has settled and tried medical malpractice cases where patients suffered because of:

  • Surgeries performed on the wrong body part
  • Surgeries where foreign objects are unintentionally left within the body
  • Surgeries performed on the wrong person
  • Wrong surgical procedures performed on a patient
  • Surgeries causing damage to other internal organs
  • Poor pre-operative planning on the part of the healthcare provider
  • Prolonged surgeries
  • Anesthesia overdoses
  • Unnecessary surgeries performed because of misdiagnoses

Our attorneys also represent individuals who have suffered serious harm post-op due to lack of proper care from medical professionals, including the failure to diagnose and treat an infection.

You have the right to seek compensation despite inherent risks

It is important to recognize that all surgeries, no matter how minor, carry some risk. You may be allergic to medication, suffer from unforeseen complications while on the operating table, or develop a blood clot or other issue during rehabilitation. However, you can still pursue damages to make up for pain and suffering, lost wages, additional medical expenses and other costs directly related to a surgical error.

Our lawyers are sensitive to the frustration you feel and do everything possible to ensure you receive compensation from negligent parties. While we provide compassionate assistance to our clients, we are vigorous advocates for your rights when at the negotiation table or in court. Find out more about our services by scheduling a free consultation with an attorney from our firm.

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