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Truck drivers often cause wrecks due to negligence and unsafe habits

Some motor vehicle crashes are truly unpredictable and unpreventable. There is no way for people to know when the weather may change abruptly, affecting visibility and tire traction. Factors outside of someone’s control can potentially cause collisions.

Still, the vast majority of wrecks involve bad choices or unsafe habits. That is as true for semi-truck collisions as it is for any other type of crash. Commercial truck drivers have very demanding jobs that force them to make safety-critical decisions on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, according to a federal analysis of commercial truck collisions, commercial drivers don’t always make safety their top priority. Many wrecks are the result of truck drivers doing something negligent on the job or acting with a disregard for their safety and the well-being of others in traffic.

Crash statistics show an alarming trend

Commercial vehicles are at fault for more than half of all reported semi-truck collisions. Approximately 87% of those wrecks have direct connections to mistakes and misconduct on the part of a commercial driver. According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) data, the most common issue is making the wrong decision in traffic.

Drivers become so focused on reaching their destination or navigating a stressful situation that they don’t make the safest decisions. Roughly 38% of the crashes caused by semi-trucks occur because someone follows another vehicle too closely or maintains an unsafe speed limit. That disregard for best practices and safety can endanger the lives of others.

Another 28% of semi-truck crashes arguably involve negligence. They occur due to recognition errors. The driver doesn’t pay close enough attention to their surroundings, and they cause a crash as a result. If commercial drivers made safety their top priority at all times, the number of collisions involving semi-trucks would likely drop significantly.

Those affected by semi-truck collisions have certain rights. They may be able to file an insurance claim. They could also potentially be eligible to initiate a personal injury lawsuit. Trucking companies often have liability for the actions workers take while on the clock. Looking into options for compensation can help people for the losses related to a semi-truck crash to make informed decisions accordingly. Those who can establish who is at fault for their harm can then seek compensation from the right party.