Suit Claims Johnson & Johnson Knew of Asbestos in Talcum Powder

We have written in this space before about Johnson & Johnson products that have been alleged to cause cancer.  Most notably, this includes a most familiar brand for most everyone who has cared for an infant, Johnson’s Baby Powder.

The claim contends that Johnson & Johnson “trained its employees to reassure anyone concerned about whether the company’s talcum powder contained asbestos that the cancer-causing substance ‘has never been found and it never will’ in its iconic baby powder, according to an undated memo unsealed in a lawsuit against the drug maker.”

Plaintiffs claim that unsealed documents indicate that Johnson & Johnson has known for decades that the opposite is true and that its talc products did and/or does include asbestos fibers that can cause ovarian cancer.

This is yet another chapter to the more than 5,000 suits across the United States blaming that Johnson & Johnson baby powder products have contributed to ovarian cancer in women.

While five juries have ruled against Johnson & Johnson, the company has won one case and had some other claims thrown out.  One California panel ordered the company to pay $417 million to a woman who’d been using Johnson & Johnson’s talc products since the 1960s. Johnson & Johnson is appealing the verdicts.

Lawyers representing the women can use the unsealed documents in court to allege the possibility of a link between baby powder use and cancer — it can take decades from asbestos exposure to illness — as well as suggest a pattern of J&J ignoring and covering up the risks of using its products. They also are claiming asbestos continued to be present in talc after the tests.

According to the undated training memo, J&J representatives continued to reiterate at medical conferences that there wasn’t any asbestos in the company’s talc-based products.

While it will most likely be some time before the entire story is told, it is a reminder that even some of the seemingly safest products on the market could prove harmful.

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