Chance of getting injured at work again at 25 year low for Indiana

We hear so much bad news about the risks of personal injury at home, on the highways, on bicycles and while boating in the summertime, that it’s refreshing to report some good news for a change.

According to the latest statistics from the Indiana Department of Labor, workplace injuries fell 5 percent in 2015 in Indiana. Even though we’re well into 2017, it always takes a while for complete statistics to be compiled.

The year is now tied with 2013 as the year with the lowest on-the-job injury rate since the federal government began recording 25 years ago.  According to the Indiana Department of Labor, 3.8 people per every hundred were injured or contracted work-related illnesses last year.

A report from Indiana Public Television notes that The Indiana Department of Labor claims that the lower injury rate is a result of a concerted effort on many fronts.   DOL Spokeswoman Amanda Stanley says this includes, “Organized labor, trade organizations, safety councils, and basically everybody taking the safety of Hoosiers in the workplace seriously and doing everything they can with those cooperative relationships.”

The declining rate could be a sign of a stabilizing economy after the recession. According to the DOL, increased injuries can be a sign people are changing careers and working in unfamiliar industries, although Stanley admits the department can’t do more than speculate about the reason behind the drop.

Workers in agriculture suffered the highest incidence of workplace-related injuries, with close to seven people per every 100 reporting getting hurt or sick.

Arts, entertainment and recreation—a field that includes professional athletes–had the second-highest rate, at 6.3. Even though several other fields—such as construction and manufacturing—saw declines in their rates, those two professions saw theirs go up.

Manufacturing injury rates landed the sector at the middle of the pack, even though certain portions of that industry—such as mobile home manufacturing—experienced injury rates at three times the total manufacturing average. 15 percent of mobile home manufacturing workers reported injuries last year.

Medium-sized workplaces with between 50 and 249 people proved to be the most dangerous for workers.

While the rates are lower for workplace injuries overall, there is still a lot of work to do for companies to avoid needless injuries.  Too often a workplace injury is the cause of malfunctioning or lack of equipment maintenance or just reckless conduct on the part of other workers causing dangerous conditions for others.

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