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Nighttime Surgeries May Not Be the Best Idea

A recent report noted that it might be in your best interest to schedule an elective major surgery during the daytime, rather than at night.  In fact, your life may depend on it.

The reason:  You are twice as likely to die on the operating table at night, according to five-year study of postoperative mortality and the timing of surgery at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Canada,

Even if you have surgery later in the day or in the early evening hours, you also have a higher risk of death, says the same study.

Previous studies have identified risk factors that include the patient’s age, the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ overall risk score and emergency status.

This current research consisted of an evaluation of surgical procedures between April 2010 and March 2015. All elective and emergency surgical cases were included except local anesthesia and ophthalmic cases which are generally not performed in regular hospital operating rooms.

The researchers found that on the whole, 226 people died after being operated on during the day, 97 in the evening and 29 at night. In cases of emergency surgery, 79 deaths occurred during the day, 95 in the evening and 29 at night.

After adjusting for age and other factors, it was found that the team found that patients operated on at night were 2.17 times more likely to die than those who had surgery during regular daytime working hours. Patients operated on late in the day were 1.43 times more likely to die than those whose surgeries were earlier.
Potential causes of the increased risk could include provider fatigue during anesthesia and surgery, delays in treatment — how many operating rooms are available, for instance — overnight hospital staffing issues, or the patients requiring quicker treatment.

Most likely, if you have a trusted doctor operating in a respected hospital, in the majority of cases, you have a good chance of survival, whether it be day or night.

Still, these studies seem to clearly say, the odds are even better if you are able to choose the time when you have an in-hospital surgical procedure.

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