America’s Most Dangerous Jobs In 2016

You would think that having a dangerous job would almost be worth it because the pay would certainly be commensurate with the risks involved.  Wrong. The employment site known as  CareerCast recently compiled the 2016 list of the safest and most dangerous jobs out there.  Actually, the average salary for a position on the safest list is $69,408, while annual pay for those jobs on the most dangerous list is $45,273.

We can understand if you’re thinking, something’s wrong with this picture.  

Here are some details on some of the most dangerous jobs out there, according to the study. Some of these will come as no surprise.

Firefighters.  Tough and demanding. The firefighting industry reports a 12.1% injury rate, due to things like smoke inhalation, burns, and collapsing walls and floors.

Police officers.  These men and women risk their lives daily.  This career ranks in the top six of all jobs for work time lost due to injury. The good news here is that the pay for police officers has gone up in recently years.  CareerCast’s shows the position carries one of the higher median annual salaries among the jobs highlighted, at more than $60,000 per year. Many would agree, especially in these challenging times, that it’s still not enough.

Construction workers.  Working with heavy equipment, sometimes at great heights, they have the highest injury and fatality rate of all jobs. Their salaries clock in at a median $30,890.

Emergency medical technicians. Workers in this field, according to the CDC, sustained more than 20,000 workplace injuries in the past year.  All for a median salary of just under $32,000.

Most would agree that the job of a farmer is a tough one, with long hours and just hard work.  But dangerous?  Surprisingly, being a farmer is another one of the most dangerous jobs out there.  Working with heavy farming equipment and powerful and unpredictable livestock results in about 167 farm workers losing work time every day, due to on-the-job injuries or illness, says the Center for Disease Control (CDC).                                                                                     

The National Safety Council reports that last year 38,300 people were killed on U.S. roads and roughly 4.4 million sustained injuries that resulted in medical consultations. When you drive for a living, those dangers are with you every moment you are on the job, which is why positions like taxi driver and tractor-trailer truck driver also made it onto this year’s listing.

According to the research, these 10 careers carry the greatest threat to the safety of their workers:

  1. Construction as a whole ranks as one of the most dangerous fields because laborers complete duties in high-risk construction zones.
  2. Correctional officers are in charge of nearly 2 million inmates incarcerated in institutions throughout the United States.
  3. The CDC reports more than 20,000 workplace injuries are sustained by Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) annually as they assist others.
  4. Farmers and ranchers operate heavy equipment and work with powerful livestock, increasing their risk of injury or illness.
  5. Firefighters battle burns, smoke inhalation, falling debris, and heights day after day on the job.
  6. Nursing assistants are exposed to contagions daily, making it a physically hazardous position.
  7. Police officers protect public safety yet rank highly for time lost due to on-the-job injuries.
  8. Taxi drivers log long hours on the road and also face the threat of robbery.
  9. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCA) reports 11 accidents per day involving semi-trucks in our country, putting heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers continually in harm’s way.
  10. Veterinarians work with animals that can become unpredictable and cause injury.

With those facts in mind, people who use drugs and are employed or looking to be hired into these fields have the potential to make already risk-filled work conditions even more dangerous. For that reason, keeping the workforce drug-free is critically important.  A comprehensive drug testing program seeks to filter out drug users and to deter substance abuse in the workplace using a number of testing reasons.

By the way, some of the safest jobs include: Web developer, statisticians, translators and interpreters, and mathematicians.

Speaking of dangerous jobs, some of the accidents workers suffer in these occupations are actually due to the negligence of others.  Perhaps a piece of equipment used by a construction worker is faulty,  or a semi-truck driver is the victim of an intoxicated driver.  There are a multitude of other examples.   If you believe you have been injured on the job as the result of someone else’s negligence, contact us at Theodoros & Rooth.   We will investigate the circumstances of your case.   If we believe you have suffered through the negligence of others, we will aggressively fight for your rights and just compensation.  There are no attorney fees unless we win.

*Much of this information comes from Forbe’s magazine reports and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).