several semi trucks driving on the freeway

Deadly Trucks Are Right Down the Road

There’s a stretch of I-65 between Crown Point and Lafayette that has become downright dangerous.

Most recently, in late July, five people were killed in a crash just before midnight on I-65 near the SR 43 exit, approaching a construction zone just north of Lafayette in Tippecanoe County.

Indiana State Police say a loaded tanker truck failed to slow down for traffic as it entered the zone.  Among those killed were two Purdue students and the driver of the truck.

The truck believed to have started the crash is operated by Illini State Trucking which is based in Hammond, Indiana.

According to WTHR TV (Indianapolis), “Records with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration show the company has been involved in nine crashes over the last two years.  One of them was fatal and four others involved injuries.  Federal safety inspectors flagged the trucking company because of a history of violations.  The FMCSA says 73% of similar companies have better records when it comes to ‘Hours-of-Service’ violations.  Officials cited Illini 34 times in the last two years for problems including drivers being behind the wheel too long and failing to properly keep a driver’s log. In the last two years, Illini drivers received 27 speeding tickets and 26 other citations for unsafe driving, such as following too closely and improper lane changes.”  An investigation continues.

An editorial from the Northwest Indiana Times in early August points out that “this section of highway has been the scene of more than one deadly accident, and there have been many other injuries and close calls.”  These additional incidents were also noted in the commentary:

  • On July 16, a crash involving injuries occurred near the Kankakee River Bridge.
  • On June 29, one person died and two were injured near the Rensselaer/Remington exit on I-65.
  • On June 23, a crash near the Fair Oaks exit resulted in two injuries.
  • On June 3, a man was airlifted after an accident four miles south of the DeMotte-Roselawn exit.

The Times goes on to say, “… and that’s just in two months’ time. There were other fatal accidents and other crashes earlier this year. Purdue University is right at the southern end of this dangerous stretch of road. Put its world-renowned engineering talent to use in finding ways to make I-65 safer. How many more people must die, how many more must be injured, before we improve this stretch of road?”

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