New Database: Your FDA

In order to make important government health data available to consumers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched a new initiative in June of this year.

OpenFDA offers not only information, but programming opportunities to developers who wish to build accessibility to government data into their projects and apps. While initially providing readily usable data to researchers and consumers, the site plans to include large sets of additional data previously difficult for the public to access.

The FDA is phasing in the site with an initial project that includes information on:

  • Adverse drug events: Since 2004, the FDA has gathered reports on adverse drug and medication events. For consumers, physicians, researchers or legal counsel curious about adverse reactions association with certain medications, openFDA datasets provide easier access to information.
  • Recalls: The FDA regulates a number of products. A future rollout is planned to include information on recalls issued by the FDA.
  • Documentation: Labeling is a key regulatory function governed by the FDA. Important new labeling information on certain products is expected in the future on openFDA.

According to Walter S. Harris, chief operating officer of the FDA and acting chief information officer, “OpenFDA is a valuable resource that will help those in the private and public sectors use FDA public data to spur innovation, advance academic research, educate the public, and protect public health.”

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