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The Importance of Being an Informed Patient

As a medical patient, being informed about potentially dangerous pharmaceutical products or medical devices can prevent you from suffering injury or risking death. Unfortunately, just because the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) initially approves a product for market release does not mean that severe adverse side effects are non-existent for some patients. All too often, adverse side effects do not become apparent until several years after the products’ release. In many cases, the manufacturer is liable.

In some instances, companies reevaluate and recall their dangerous products at a later time. This typically occurs after discovering initial research was inadequate to uncover relevant risks about the drug or medical device. It also occurs after patients suffer injury and send adverse event reports to the FDA.

The following are potentially dangerous medical devices where the companies either recalled the products themselves, were warned by the FDA about violations or continue to face numerous lawsuits based on harm experienced by consumers:

  • Stryker Orthopedics. Recalled Rejuvenate & ABG hip implant devices due to studies showing that toxic metal shavings from the components could be released into the body.
  • Mirena IUD contraceptive. According to the Population Research Institute, Bayer faces an increasing number of lawsuits from patients who suffered from dislocation or perforation injuries.
  • DePuy ASR Hip Implants. Johnson & Johnson and the FDA recalled these devices after discovering their release of metal shavings was linked to metallic poisoning.

If you suffer injury after your doctor prescribes a medical device, consult with an experienced products liability lawyer in Indiana. Law firms can engage in thorough investigation and protect your interests by suing liable companies for defective products. In some cases, attorneys can bring mass tort lawsuits due to the widespread harm that affects great numbers of patients.