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When and Where Do Auto Accidents Happen in Indiana

Statistics for Auto Accidents in Indiana

In 2011, there were 188,132 traffic accidents in the state of Indiana. Where and when do most accidents occur, and who is most likely to be involved in a crash?

A report from the Indiana University Public Policy Institute broke down the where, when, and who of car accidents in Indiana:

  • Urban vs. rural. Overall, there are more auto accidents in urban (124,699) and suburban (22,826) areas than in exurban (10,492) and rural (12,594) areas. However, the rate of serious injury collisions per 1,000 total collisions were higher in exurban (34 per 1,000) and rural (37 per 1,000) than in suburban (30 per 1,000) and urban (15 per 1,000) areas.
  • Work zone accidents. Accidents that occurred in work zones totaled 4,309. That was 2.3 percent of all collisions.
  • When accidents occur. The month with the highest number of accidents was January, with 18,828 accidents or 10 percent of all accidents.
  • Age groups. The age group with the highest rate of drivers involved in accidents was the 16- to 17-year-old drivers. That rate was 882 per 10,000 licensed drivers. However, the age group with the highest rate of drivers involved in fatal crashes was 18- to 20-year-old drivers (2.5 per 10,000 licensed drivers), followed closely by 21- to 24-year-old drivers (2.4 per 10,000 drivers).

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