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Types of Auto Accidents in Indiana

Auto accidents happen every day. Sometimes, you see the aftermath on the side of the road. Sometimes it’s a loved one who has been involved in an accident. And sometimes, it’s you who is involved in an accident. The results of an auto accident can vary — from a scratch on the bumper to a serious injury and possibly death.

Listed here are some statistics about certain types of auto accidents in the state of Indiana for 2011, compiled in a report by the Indiana University Public Policy Institute:

  • Total auto accidents. There were 188,132 traffic collisions that resulted in an injury or property damage. That was a 2.5 percent decrease from 2010.
  • Fatal accidents. There were 674 fatal auto accidents that resulted in 749 fatalities. This was a 3.9 percent decrease from 2010.
  • Speed-related accidents. Speed-related accidents totaled 17,517, which was 9.3 percent of all accidents. Speed-related fatal accidents totaled 131, which was 19.4 percent of all fatal accidents.
  • Alcohol-related accidents. A driver with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or greater is legally impaired. There were 133 fatal accidents and 140 fatalities involving a legally impaired driver. That means 20 percent of all fatal accidents were alcohol related.
  • Motorcycle accidents. The number of motorcycle accidents increased 3.6 percent, while the number of motorcycle fatalities jumped from 110 in 2010 to 117 in 2011, a 6.4 percent increase.

If you were injured in a traffic accident, an Indiana auto accident attorney can help recover the damages you deserve.