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Good Nursing Homes Don't Let Your Parents Wander Off

When you entrust a parent to the care of a nursing home, you expect them to get loving care and full-time supervision. You don’t expect your beloved parents to be wandering the city streets alone. Indiana nursing home wandering and elopement lawyers can help you file a case when your parents are not getting the care and attention they deserve.

There are a number of questions you can ask the nursing home director before choosing a facility for your parents:

  • Is the home licensed? What about the director and the staff?
  • Does the staff undergo abuse prevention training? Do they run background checks on all employees?
  • What level of autonomy do residents have? Can they make their own meals or choose their own activities?
  • Does the facility accept Medicaid?
  • Do the same caregivers work with the same residents on a daily basis?
  • What are the procedures in place for emergency medical situations?
  • Are residents allowed outside of the facility on their own? If not, what safeguards are in place to keep them from wandering off the grounds?

Asking questions is an important first step before choosing a nursing home for your elderly parents. But sometimes it is not enough. If you think your parents are being mistreated, contact a nursing home negligence lawyer to help you determine if you have a case.

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