Do You Use a Patient Portal?

Using your patient portal could help you work more effectively with your physician to maintain and improve your health.

Along with electronic health records (EHRs), physicians are moving toward the use of other communication technology to help with the care of their patients. As an example, under Medicare and Medicaid incentive programs that encourage the use of the new technology, physician groups are increasingly making use of patient portals.

What is a patient portal?

For healthcare consumers, a patient portal is a personalized, secure website that provides access to varying information. Depending on the complexity of the portal, your physician can construct a patient portal to provide you with the ability to:

  • Conduct email correspondence with your doctor
  • Review your medical records, history and lab reports
  • Schedule or reschedule medical appointments
  • Read educational information or online pamphlets provided by your doctor
  • Conduct financial business or check insurance coverage

If you suffer from a chronic disease or condition while under the care of your physician, a portal can help you stay involved and knowledgeable about treatment. According to a recent review by Consumer Reports, patient portals offer advantages that include faster service and access to medical information.

Our firm works with clients throughout Indiana who were injured by poor medical care and questionable medical decisions. Being a safe medical consumer means being a patient advocate for yourself and your loved ones. Staying up to date with medical care through a patient portal can make it easier to ask the right questions and get better answers before problems can develop.

If you have questions about substandard medical care or if you are injured through a medical mistake in Merrillville, seek skilled legal guidance.