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Hard-Working Construction Workers Need Hard-Working Attorneys

You work hard to put bread on the table, waking up before dawn and putting in a full day’s work at a construction site before an hour’s drive back home. The last thing you can afford is to be injured on the job. An experienced Merrillville construction accident attorney can help you recover any income lost after a construction injury.

Recently, a worker at an Indiana mine died of injuries sustained on the job, while the Mine Safety and Health Administration issued only a citation to the construction company running the project. In another case, James Palmer of Marion, Illinois was working at the mine near Owensville when a hose pumping concrete surged and then struck him, breaking his ankle. He died nine days later from a blood clot caused by the fracture. Being struck by an object is one of the “Fatal Four” causes of construction related deaths, accounting for 10% of fatalities in 2011. The other three causes - falls, electrocution, and being caught in or between hazards account for another 47% of deaths.

A construction accident can put a family on the ropes financially. If the breadwinner is out of commission, the family often struggles to make ends meet. Lake County construction accident attorneys can help you maximize your recovery by working with experts to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the causes of the accident.

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