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SaferCar App May Mean Better Safety on the Road

Do you ride a Yamaha Vino Classic motorcycle? Do you drive a Honda Odyssey? What about a Toyota, years 2006 to 2011? Within the last year, each of these vehicles has been the subject of a recall. Because what you do not know can certainly hurt you, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a new, free app that might interest you.

The SaferCar app is free for iPhones and iPod Touch devices and available at the iTunes App Store. An Android version is in the works, and the NHTSA also released an application programming interface to allow programmers access to NHTSA safety data for integration into new devices and products.

While the NHTSA provides crash test and other ratings, access to the data has previously been limited to its website. The SaferCar app puts ratings and more at your fingertips. Information and services provided by the SaferCar app include the following:

  • Five-star crash ratings — Thinking about buying, renting or leasing a car? Check out and compare crash ratings across models. Research valuable information about complaints and problems with cars you may not have known before shopping for a new or used car.
  • Car seats and boosters — The NHTSA helps you keep your youngest family members safe. With information about properly installing car seats, the app also gives you directions to local agencies to help you install the seat.
  • Complaints — Registering a complaint about your car was never so easy or so helpful. By providing information about serious concerns you might have with your car, you can learn about potential defects and help others understand the same. Safety news is also featured.

Avoid an accident and keep family and friends safe by downloading the new SaferCar app.

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