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The Hazards of Button Batteries for Small Children

Button batteries are small, round batteries that are about the size of a button. Because of their small size, they are used to power smaller items, such as watches, keyless entry remotes, digital thermometers, remote controls, musical greeting cards, digital scales and wireless game controls.

Because button batteries can be found in so many places in the home, they have increasingly become a huge hazard for children that can cause injury or even death. When a child ingests a button battery, it gets struck in the child’s throat, and the saliva triggers an electric current. This causes a chemical reaction, which can severely burn the child’s throat in as little as two hours. According to the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia:

  • Across the nation, more than 80 children suffered permanent injuries caused by ingesting a button battery
  • More than 3,400 children swallowed button batteries in 2010
  • Statistics show that 15 children have died from ingesting button batteries

What can be done to keep children safe from button batteries? The first step is to know where all the button batteries are in the home. Then secure them in a place out of the reach of children. Also, tell everyone you know about the risk that such batteries pose. Most importantly, if you believe your child has ingested a button battery, seek medical attention immediately.

If your child has been injured after ingesting a button battery, speak to an Indiana products liability attorney immediately.