Holiday Time is Time to Think about Toy Safety

It’s just about holiday time, which means it’s time to start buying toys for the children in your life. But sometimes toys can present a hazard to children.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has put together some safety tips to consider when buying toys for children:

  • Use care when selecting a toy. Consider the child’s age, skill level, and interests when deciding what to buy. Also, consider hazards, such as cords and strings and sharp points.
  • Look for toys with quality construction and design. This piece of advice applies to toys for all ages, not just for small children.
  • Make sure the instructions are clear. The directions for the toy should be clear to both you, and in appropriate circumstances, to the child.
  • Discard the plastic wrapping from the toy immediately. The packaging for the toy can be very dangerous for a child to play with.
  • Read the labels on the box. Toy buyers should both read and heed the age recommendations on the box. Also, be aware of safety labels, such as “flame retardant/flame resistant and washable/hygienic materials.”

Toys should not be purchased and forgotten about. The commission recommends periodic inspection of your children’s toys for breakage or other hazards. If a toy is damaged or dangerous, it should be repaired or thrown away. Wood toys should be examined for splinters and rough edges. Outdoor toys should be inspected for rust or weak spots due to exposure to the elements.

If your child was injured while playing with a toy, the manufacturer may be responsible. Speak to a products liability lawyer in Indiana immediately.